Doyle Brunson Muses on Bobby’s Room Action.

Doyle Brunson Muses on Bobby’s Room Action.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Now that all the flounders have left Vegas having failed to make the Main Event final table, the game in Bobby’s Room has died down to its usual one table of solid pros.

Doyle Brunson, the septuginarian poker veteran and 10-time bracelet-winner, spoke at length in his blog at Doyle’s Room about the action there and how he thinks he may be addicted to the gamble:

"When I played poker every day for seven straight weeks, I felt strong as a lion. Now after 3 days of not playing, I feel like a truck just ran over me," he wrote.

Doyle thinks that maybe this is a sign that poker players are like action junkies. "Maybe we are addicted and we actually have withdrawal symptoms when we have no action," he added.

One explanation for his darker thoughts are that in the last three hands he played, he lost $2m and finished almost exactly even after a seven-week grind in the toughest game in the world.

"If you can’t handle the ups & downs, you better not get into the poker business,” he said shortly after mentioning his $2m loss.

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