Doyle Beats Annette 2-0 at The Empire

Doyle Beats Annette 2-0 at The Empire

Friday, 26 September 2008

It was a meeting of young v. old, man v. woman, and just about every other cliche possible, but ultimately it was two of the best players of the world battling it out heads-up. In the end, Brunson proved to be a little too strong for Annette in the best of three match, but only after a little luck helped him on the way.

The opening game was a cagey affair, with both players trying to get a grip on the playing style of their foe. In the end the first chunky pot went to the Texan, and he eventually sealed the first win after half an hour.

The second game started much better for the young internet prodigy, but then luck proved to be against her. In two key hands, she lost her chip lead and then the match, first when an open ended straight draw got there on the turn for Obrestad, only to be beaten on the river by a higher straight. The final hand saw all the money go in on a jack high flop, with Annette's KJ far ahead of Doyle's J3. A three on the turn was cruel and brought the clash to a premature end, but it did show that there really isn't too much in these two players other than the turn of a card.

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