Dong-bin Han wins APPT Cebu for $150,000

Dong-bin Han wins APPT Cebu for $150,000

Monday, 16 November 2009

On Friday when the Cebu leg of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour hit the money bubble of 40 players, Dong-bin Han held the chip lead with almost half a million in front of him. Last night he extended that lead to holding every chip in play and taking down the 319-strong tournament and earning $148,200.

1. Dong-bin Han - $148,200
2. David Hilton - $101,800
3. Sim Somyung - $58,000
4. Kevin Clark - $40,728
5. Terry Fan - $29,000
6. Mark Pagsuyuin - $23,000
7. Nick Pronk - $17,500
8. Phillip Willcocks - $14,000
9. Alexandr Tikholiz - $10,500

Han defeated David Hilton in an epic heads-up match that saw him become the first Korean winner of an APPT event. Despite slipping from level stacks to a 3-1 chip deficit when he made trips against a full house, Han earned back the chip lead without ever being all-in.

Hilton limp-shoved with Q-Jo but found himself in dire straits against QQ. The T49 flop gave Han something to sweat about, but the T-9 turn and river gave Han the higher two pair to secure victory.

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