DoJ looks to seize Full Tilt directors' bank accounts

DoJ looks to seize Full Tilt directors' bank accounts

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The US Department of Justice has stepped up its campaign against the board of Full Tilt Poker by issuing a 'warrant in rem' to seize the bank accounts of the directors named in this week's civil amendment.

The warrant doesn't mean that Ferguson, Lederer and Furst face arrest but that their assets have been listed for seizure by the Department of Justice and other US authorities such as the FBI. A number of foreign bank accounts feature on the warrant including Lederer's at Lloyd's Ferguson's at Citibank and Furst's at Swiss bank Pictet and co.

The Department of Justice is seeking extensive penalty payments for the money the quartet are alleged to have collected during their time on the Full Tilt board between April 2007 and April 2011.

US authorities are seeking $41m from ceo Ray Bitar, at least $42m from Lederer, at least $25m from Ferguson and at least $11.7m from Furst.

Poker Players Alliance

In other Full Tilt related news, US lobby group the Poker Players Alliance has encouraged its members who haven't got their money back from Full Tilt to “contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator at the U.S. Attorney’s office and ask that you be afforded the rights of a crime victim...and that you are seeking restitution of lost funds ”.

The PPA had earlier expressed its disappointment at the latest news from Full Tilt. “If true, these allegations detail a massive betrayal of player trust and will cause further hardship for the individual poker player, none of whom have been accused of doing anything wrong.”

Greg Raymer on CNN

2004 WSOP Main Event winner Greg Raymer is the latest top pro to comment on the Full Tilt saga. The former World Champ was interviewed on CNN. As usual he gave an eloquent performance and outlined how he would be shocked if Chris Ferguson was “knowingly doing something unethical”.

You can watch the full interview here.

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