Did Daniel Cates Hire a Hitman?

Did Daniel Cates Hire a Hitman?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Daniel Cates has been known to go on a few rants in his time, but his latest verbal tirade has left people with a few questions.

According to HighStakesDB, after losing some money to Noah Boeken, Cates began accusing his Dutch opponent of cheating and allowing Patrik Antonius to use his account.

Naturally Boeken took offence and fired back at the American pro by saying: "just don't send me a hitman for Christmas".

Cates responded that it was "tempting" before claiming not to know anything about "that guy".

Of course, anything that's said in the heat of battle can't always be taken too seriously, but following the exchange a number of people have begun to speculate as to the nature of Boeken's claim.

Clearly there was an incident involving a mutual acquaintance of the two players, but quite what happened and who "that guy" is will probably remain unknown.

However, what is clear is that Cates and Boeken probably won't be sending each other a Christmas card this year:

Cates: "Hey add me on Skype and we can play later also."
Boeken: "Rather not, you'll probably hack me."
Boeken: "You and your hacker friends. And your hitman."
Cates: "I've never hacked anyone."
Cates: "I'm tempted to report you and push for my money back."
Boeken: "It's all over the net that you cheat. So stop accusing me."
Cates: "ok bud."
Cates: "say good bye to your account."
Cates: "I've report you to Stars and posted on 2+2 that Patrik MA'ed me."
Cates: "you can go **** yourself."
Boeken: "Whenever you lose you just think people cheat."
Cates: "You admitted Patrik played."
Boeken: "You played so ***** bad that day my sister would have beaten you."

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