Dice Hold'em – because we’re bored of Texas

Dice Hold'em – because we’re bored of Texas

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

JadeStone’s eagerly-anticipated multiplayer dice game is now officially live across Europe, which is why you, the readers of Bluff Europe, are being told about it. That and it’s really good fun.

The gates are now open at paf.com, the first site to go live with Dice Arena. The platform has been long in the making but insiders assure us that the results are well worth it. Optimists within the industry are even predicting a ‘dice boom’ in the same vein as the poker obsession currently engulfing the world.

"It's with immense pleasure that we now officially inaugurate the DiceArena
Network," said Robert Henrysson, CEO of Jadestone. "This has been a great
team effort by the whole company, from development to integration,
operations and marketing. We now look forward to working closely with our
Network Partners to get this product off to a flying start."

One of the two games launched is 'Dice Hold'em', unsurprisingly very similar to Hold'em, with a small and big blind being posted followed by each player shooting two dice (keeping them hidden under their cup). Then there’s a round of betting and three dice are shot, a-la the flop. Bet, one dice, bet, one more dice, showdown. Pretty sure you lot can get the hang of it.

The hand rankings are easy to get used to and if you play NLHE (or even LHE, its slightly more effeminate brother) you should clean up. Personally we’re hoping it’s wildly successful because we think it’ll be funny to hear a 30-year-old durrrr talk about cup-shaking strategies in 3-bet pots on the turn.

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