DiamondFlush Concludes Lederer Reports

DiamondFlush Concludes Lederer Reports

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

After months of digging and furious typing DiamondFlush has finally rounded off her seven part exposé on Howard Lederer.

Her articles have moved to uncover a number of truths to the public as well as give the poker community some idea of the questions that should have been asked before Mr. Lederer retreated back underground.

In her final post, DiamondFlush admits that there is a lot more information that hasn’t been made public yet, but that she wanted to complete her series with a summary that will provide readers with some “clarity and food for thought”.

The first point DiamondFlush addresses in the piece is Howard’s resignation as Manager in 2008. While Howard stated he stepped down, he didn’t say from which role. Indeed, DiamondFlush asks: “as it his seat on the Board of Directors? Was it as his role as the President of Tiltware? Was it his role as a Manager of Tiltware?”

After tackling this complex question and providing email evidence that seems to contradict Howard’s claims, she goes on to talk about a special committee of independent lawyers assigned the task of establishing the cause of Full Tilt’s financial shortfall.

The article concludes with a series of unanswered questions and DiamondFlush’s assertions that: “There is no question that they [the questions she raises] should be asked of Lederer. There are a hundred more questions that could be asked, and perhaps they will be sometime in the future.”

To read the full article, visit Diamond Flush Poker.

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