Devilfish Hungary for Online Poker Success

Devilfish Hungary for Online Poker Success

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dave Ulliott and have announced they are targeting the Eastern European poker market having acquired the player base of Paramin Poker. Paramin, formerly owned by Poker Akademia, has sent its players to Devilfish Poker with the two companies signing a new affiliate agreement.

The CEO of DevilfishPoker, Paul Barnes, believes this is a landmark signing for Ulliott's poker company. "This is a terrific step forward for us and Paramin Poker players. We’ve acquired a significant number of players and entered a new affiliate agreement with Poker Akademia which we are sure will bear fruit for both companies.

“Dave Ulliott is a bit of cult figure in Hungary and we’re looking forward to welcoming our Hungarian friends to where they can play with the Devilfish and maybe even relieve him of some of his cash!”

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