Despite Amnesia, Nadal Completes PokerStars Q&A

Despite Amnesia, Nadal Completes PokerStars Q&A

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Friend of PokerStars, Rafa Nadal, recently suffered a nasty injury while filming a new advert for his poker sponsor.

Continuing his media relationship with the poker site, Nadal was being filmed on an exclusive golf course in Spain, when a rogue ball stuck him in the head.

Left lying on the green and with short-term amnesia, the incident not only caused a wave of concern amongst the players making their way round the course, but the sporting world in general.

Fortunately, however, as more information filtered through social media and the video emerged it became clear that the "accident" was part of a PR stunt devised by PokerStars.

In an effort to promote the intersect between poker and sport, the gaming company put together a practical joke video which features Nadal on the floor of a golf course after being hit by a rogue ball.

The unsuspecting golfers were naturally stunned by the events that unfolded, but when the joke was revealed they all took it in good spirits.

Following the release of the video, Nadal further cemented his relationship with the company last night after he completed a Q&A session with PokerStars players.

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