Derry poker players lose court case

Derry poker players lose court case

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A group of poker players in Northern Ireland have failed in their attempt to get £23,700 seized by police, returned. 38 players were taking part in a £170 + £80 rebuy tournament at a club in Derry in December 2009 when police raided the premises and seized the total tournament prize pool.

The brothers who ran the game, Paul and Terence Quinn, admitted organising an illegal game and were give conditional discharges earlier this year. District Judge Barney McElholm has now ruled that the money from the tournament will not be returned to the players. The judge said that the players couldn't prove ownership of the jackpot cash which was found “in pots and pools” when police carried out the raid.

McElholm also said that the tournament itself was 'clearly illegal' and that the seized money will now be lodged in a Home Office account under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

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