Dermot Blain wins APPT Macau Main Event

Dermot Blain wins APPT Macau Main Event

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The name of Blaine is often associated with trickery, magic and feats of endurance. However, surely nothing that David Blaine has managed is as impressive as Dermot Blain’s comeback at the APPT Macau Main Event though.

Blain’s appearance at the final table in Macau looked like it would be brief as he started the day with a stack of just 12.5 big blinds. After nine hours of grinding, some judicious calls and a little bit of luck the young Irishman could celebrate an amazing victory.

The big hand came with three players remaining. Blain, holding AK, got his chips in with fellow big stack Daixing Chen who was holding a dominated AQ on a 3-9-A board. The turn and river changed nothing eliminating Chen and putting Blain in a dominant position. He sealed the victory four hands later holding K-10 against heads up opponent Mike Kim’s 10-9. The 10 on the flop gave Blain the victory and with it a whopping cheque of $541,089.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1st Dermot Blain $541,089
2nd Mike Kim $384,999
3rd Daoxing Chen $239,327
4th Darkhan Botabayev $166,497
5th Pontus Kers $114,464
6th Jicheng Su $74,923
7th Dbinder Singh $52,033
8th Brandon Demes $41,621
9th Stefan Hjorthall $31,222

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