Dennis Phillips Selling Body For Charity

Dennis Phillips Selling Body For Charity

Friday, 17 October 2008

In just a couple of weeks, Dennis Phillips will be reunited with the eight other members of the November Nine to try and turn his chip lead into a Main Event title. Phillips is using the moment in the public limelight to raise money for charity, too.

In similar fashion to Ylon Schwartz, Philips is eBaying an advertising space on his shirt, with the money going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a charity he has supported for years. The bidding has begun at $3,000, with the winning bid going to the charity.

“It’s a foundation that I’ve supported for a long time, and I hope this is a good way to raise awareness and maybe raise some money for it,” Phillips said. It's another example of poker players giving something back to the community, and for that we should applaud him.

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