Delay for Durrrr Challenge?

Delay for Durrrr Challenge?

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Railbirds had high hopes of a quick conclusion to the latest Durrrr Challenge involving Tom Dwan and Daniel 'Jungleman12' Cates. If a conversation between Dani Stern and Cates that appeared on 2+2 is to be believed the latest Challenge could be heading the way of Durrrr's original match with Patrik Antonius.

The online chat between Brunson 10 member Stern and Jungleman12 took place on Christmas Eve with Ansky asking “Are you and Tom playing any time soon?”. Cates replied “idk… Seems like there will be a big hiatus… Tom is hard to work with.”

Whether that hiatus last days, weeks or months remains to be seen. When the pair do finally resume the action Cates will be holding a $500,000 lead after 14,000 hands. If Durrrr is in the red after 50,000 hands he must pay Jungleman12 an additional $1.5 million while Cates is risking $500,000.

Dwan has a big lead in the original Durrrr Challenge against Patrik Antonius, up $2.1m after 40,000 of the scheduled 50,000 hands.

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