Deeb to Duke it Out with Ashby

Deeb to Duke it Out with Ashby

Monday, 15 October 2012

Although it sounds strange, the poker community has a relatively long history of its prominent members taking to the boxing ring to duke it out.

Indeed, in the past we’ve seen Gus Hansen throwing punches at Theo Jorgensen, “ElkY” bobbing and weaving against Lex Veldhuis as well as Liv Boeree putting a bad beat on Melissa Castello.

Now it seems that Shaun Deeb and Richard “Chufty” Ashby will be following in this growing tradition. Over the weekend we learned that the latter has offered Deeb a few rounds of action in the boxing ring for the purposes of a prop bet.

In a tweet, Deeb wrote: “Was just informed the legendary Chufty wants to box me for 50k could be fun way to get in some kind of shape besides round”.

While Deeb may be able to dish out beatings on the virtual felt, it’s fair to say that he’s not in the best physical shape possible. However, the American pro seems keen enough to accept the challenge and now looks to be finalising the parameters of the $50,000 challenge.

In our opinion the smart money for this fight would go on Ashby. Indeed, if he’s confident enough to throw out the challenge then he’s probably confident enough that he can throw enough effective punches to down Deeb.

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