Dealer's Deal at the Rio

Dealer's Deal at the Rio

Monday, 9 June 2014

The World Series of Poker is all about winning titles and making money but according to 2+2 member 'PSUMike1999' the former is getting a little harder to do thanks to one dealer at the Rio.

Live satellites often form the backbone of many player's WSOP schedule and are the way many gain entry to the larger events, but 'PSUMike1999 'has alleged that one Rio employee is stalling games unless he's given what essentially amounts to a bribe.

Described as an "older guy in his 60s", the forum members claims he sang "grease is my friend" and explained that if he wanted a $525 satellite to be called (advertised) he'd need to "take care of him".

When probed further the dealer explained he earned $200 earlier in the week by stalling the games until someone greased his palm.

Although the report is only someone's own account of the incident, 'PSUMIKE1999' was keen to share the information with the community in the hopes it would help improve the satellite situation in the Rio.

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