David Williams’ Magic Weekend

David Williams’ Magic Weekend

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

David Williams enjoyed a break from the poker world over the weekend but continued his winning ways in the realms of Magic: The Gathering.

Taking part in a game he mastered before turning his hand to poker, the former WSOP Main Event runner up joined Matt Sperling and Paul Rietzl to compete in the San Jose Magic Grand Prix.

Contested by 571 teams, David’s team managed to overcome some of the game’s best players to lift the trophy and claim the $6,000 top prize. Feeling the force of their tricks in the final battle was a team composed of Maksym Gryn, Lucas Siow and Jamie Naylor.

While that amount of money David took home pales in comparison to the amounts he wins on a regular basis at the poker table, the victory was no less satisfying as it represents yet another achievement in his already gleaming roster.

Image courtesy of wizards.com.

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