David Vamplew Heads UKIPT Edinburgh

David Vamplew Heads UKIPT Edinburgh

Saturday, 18 January 2014

The familiar figure of David Vamplew is the man to beat heading into day 2 of the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event.

The Scot went on a heater during the latter stages of the day, turning the 14,000 chips he had at the final break into an impressive 146,200 by the close of play!

Joining 2010's EPT London winner in the upper ecehlons of the leader board is another European Poker Tour winner, Liv Boeree who finished with 115,100. Impressive enough but it could have been even better if her two-pair had held against a flush draw shortly before the close.

311 players took to the tables on the second opening flight meaning a total field of 427. A total of 202 of them will be back today, battling for a share of the £500,000 prize pool.

Amongst their number will be the likes of Ludovic Geilich (96,500), Mickey Petersen (69,500), Tom Hall (55,700), Julian Thew (42,300) and Dominik Nitsche (34,900).

62 players will walk away with a score of at least £2,060 with the winner pocketing £93,900.

One person who won't be back is Victoria Coren who exited in most unfortunates circumstances. A chop looked the most likely outcome when both Coren and her opponent tabled pocket jacks. Unfortunately for the former EPT London champ, she was on the wrong end of a four flush which was enough to send her to the rail. Joining her there were Full Tilt ambassador Sin Melin, Chaz Chattha and Andy Black.

The UKIPT Edinburgh Chip Leaders:
David Vamplew, United Kingdom, 146,200
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 122,700
Graham Carter, United Kingdom, 120,500
Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, 119,000
Liv Boeree, United Kingdom, 115,000
Eldon Orr, United Kingdom, 114,600
Milan Šašek, Czech Republic, 112,700
Bayazit Zorlu, Turkey, 98,700
Patrick Weifels, Germany, 98,500
Ludovic Geilich, United Kingdom, 96,500

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