David Sklansky Confronts Armed Robber

David Sklansky Confronts Armed Robber

Friday, 14 August 2009

A string of burglaries in the Las Vegas Metro district has authorities worried, as some violent robberies have occurred in gated communities – including the house of poker pro and 'Theory of Poker' author David Sklansky.

Sklansky, a three-time WSOP bracelet-winner who masterminded educational poker classics Theory of Poker, No-Limit Hold ‘em Theory & Practise and the … for Advanced Players series; described how he confronted a robber in his bedroom at 3am:

“The guy burst into the bedroom, it was dark but I did see what appeared to be a gun,” he told press. “This is something I have visualized over the years. I always knew this was a possibility, this would happen. I actually played it over in my mind of what I would do if it happened. I realized the most important thing was to keep him calm.”

Sklansky was right to prepare – in the past two weeks, six such occurrences have taken place around the Metro area, including one on Tuesday that saw criminals make off with cash and jewellery while two women and children were inside the home.

“During the time he was there, my main focus was to make sure that he didn't think that I was panicking or that I would do something silly," Sklansky explains. "The advice is the same as in a poker game; you try and figure out what the other guy is thinking and then act accordingly. I can imagine if he was doing this same robbery with someone who didn't' behave the way I did it could have turned out terribly.”

John Vaccarino of J&L Security agrees the noted poker pro: “We want [you] to give them what they want. We want [you] to point them in the direction - if they are looking for cash, give them cash. Life is more important than the stuff.”

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