David Shallow Triumphs In London

David Shallow Triumphs In London

Monday, 7 March 2016

English professional poker player David Shallow won the main event at the London stop of the Unibet Open over the weekend to bank £62,000 ($88,426) in cash.

Held at the Grosvenor Casino The Victoria London from March 3 to 6, the £825 ($1,145) buy-in no-limit hold‘em main event attracted a field of 418 runners, who were presented with 30,000 starting stacks and a 60-minute clock.

The win represented the third major tournament victory for Shallow after he took down the €2,750 ($3,029) buy-in main event at the Dublin stop of the World Poker Tour (WPT) three years ago for €222,280 ($244,767) before a £3,300 ($4,709) buy-in UK And Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) high-roller affair in Nottingham in 2014 to pocket £68,000 ($97,037).

Shallow actually began the nine-handed Unibet Open final table in third spot while chip leader Julien Rouxel eventually crashed out in fourth after some bad luck.

Facing off against Bhavin Khatri heads-up holding a slight chip disadvantage, Shallow was relentless and quickly overtook his opponent before landing the knockout blow several hands later. On what turned out to be the final hand, Shallow three-bet a button raise from Khatri with his opponent duly calling to take the two to an Ah Kd Qh flop.

Shallow subsequently checked before Khatri wasted little time in moving all-in with As 3s for a top pair. But, he was soon snap-called by Shallow’s Kh Qd for two-pair with blanks on the turn and river sealing the contest.

Unibet Open Main Event Results:

1 David Shallow (UK) - £62,000 ($88,426)

2 Bhavin Khatri (UK) - £42,500 ($60,697)

3 Nicolas Cardyn (France) - £28,190 ($40,260)

4 Julien Rouxel (France) - £21,005 ($29,999)

5 Mate Mecs (Hungary) - £15,770 ($22,518)

6 Benjamin Lebor (UK) - £12,670 ($18,091)

7 Akos Gergely (Hungary) - 10,540 ($15,049)

8 Nicolas Ludwicki (France) - £8,400 ($11,993)

9 Hui Jin (UK) - £6,300 ($8,995)

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