David Peat the big winner in PartyPoker's Big Game IV

David Peat the big winner in PartyPoker's Big Game IV

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Isildur1 may have been a no show but there was still plenty to enjoy in PartyPoker's cash game marathon. After two full days of play it was David 'Viffer' Peat who had the most to cheer about, showing a profit of the best part of £150,000.

A 'Big Brother' style eviction process saw players vote to eliminate a player from the table at regular intervals. The only way to guarantee immunity was to be the most aggressive player at the table according to stats produced by Matchroom Poker. Viffer certainly was the most aggressive, and after building his stack up there little danger of his opponents booting him out given the amount of action he was offering up.

By the end of the marathon session, Peat was up by a whopping £147,275, a record by some margin for this event. All this despite losing some of the biggest pots in the contest and having his aces cracked.

Despite posting a loss, Neil Channing also deserves a shout as the only other player who managed to play for the duration without being evicted or taking a break. Jesse May's feats in the commentary box were almost as impressive, taking in almost the full 48 hours.

There will be plenty for viewers to enjoy when the event is televised later this year too. As well as winning the cash battle Viffer also more than held his own in the table talk stakes. And when you consider that the shy and retiring Tony G, Roland de Wolfe, Luke Schwartz, Phil Laak and Channing were also at the table it's almost as impressive a performance as the big cash payout!

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