David Haye Dealt A Knockout Blow

David Haye Dealt A Knockout Blow

Monday, 7 April 2014

Former boxing champion David Haye put his poker skills to the test recently in a challenge with a difference.

Playing on the home of high-octane poker, FullTilt Poker, Haye found himself lining up against two of the site's pros, Ben Jenkins and Sinem Melin, in a unique Rush Poker Challenge.

After being strapped into a high-performance Lamborghini, Haye was given a mobile device and asked to play as many hands as possible while being driven around a track at breakneck speeds by a professional driver.

The aim of the competition was to see which of the trio could grind through the most hands without losing their stack or their lunch.

Throughout much of the challenge Haye certainly looked worse for wear and when the scores were in it was Jenkins who racked up the most hands to deal a knockout blow to his opponents.

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