Dario Minieri Betrothed in PokerStars Outfit

Dario Minieri Betrothed in PokerStars Outfit

Friday, 21 August 2009

Dario Minieri, famously known as one of the best SnG players online as well as “that scarf-wearing Italian guy” on GSN’s High Stakes Poker, was married recently in a small ceremony.

Dario’s fame as being the first person to have played enough at PokerStars to buy a Porsche with FPPs (frequent player points) prompted speculation from the Two Plus Two forums that he had perhaps purchased his wife at the PokerStars VIP store. As far as we’re aware, PokerStars don’t offer that option, but perhaps when we reach SuperNova Elite…

Images from the ceremony, which was largely sparse save for some subtle flower decorations (and that's probably the gayest sentence I’ll ever write) showed Dario minus his trademark scarf, proving once and for all that he does in fact have a neck.

One curious item of clothing there, however, was the PokerStars gear in which he was adorned. True, we’re never shy of promoting sponsors for money but right now we’re wondering how it fits into the “something borrowed, something blue…” tradition. Nevertheless we wish you a happy ever after marriage Dario.

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