Dario Minieri Avoids Huge Tax Bill

Dario Minieri Avoids Huge Tax Bill

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Italian poker pro, Dario Minieri, won't be liable for a €550,000 tax bill according to a recent court ruling.

After engaging in a battle with Italy's Inland Revenue for a number of months, Minieri is now free of the tax burden he was once facing after the Provincial Tax Commission of Rome dropped its charges.

Although the case hasn't received much coverage in the poker world, the court battle was reported by agimeg.it and suggests that the taxman's efforts to claim money from Minieri ultimately failed because it was won outside of the country.

As it stands, Minieri lives in Malta where he is allowed to play online against international playerpools and avoid the gaze of his native tax authorities. According to agimeg.it, the case was dropped because the police had used inaccurate tournament ranking information to assess the pro's liability.

Although the sources used aren't named, it's believed the tax office calculated the player's payment based on winnings that had been reported online. However, after this information was deemed "unofficial" and containing errors, the prosecution decided to end the case.

The result will no doubt be welcome news for Minieri who can now resume his grind online and live without worrying about a six-figure tax bill.

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