Danish Taxman Actually Wins WSOP!

Danish Taxman Actually Wins WSOP!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Peter Eastgate might have won $9.1 million but he might only be clearing $2.5m of that after it was revealed the Danish tax system with relieve the champion of around $6.5m.

You'd think winning the World Series of Poker Main Event would be the stuff of dreams. The bracelet, the magazine covers and all of that lovely money. Wrong, amigo. As Peter Eastgate is finding out now, not all of that money finds its way into your bank account, with the Dane potentially losing $6.6m to the Danish taxman. That's gotta hurt.

What makes it worse for Eastgate is the fact that Ivan Demidov will be clearing twice as much to his account despite coming second to the young Dane. The Russian government takes a flat 15% of any winnings, meaning Demidov will get to buy around $5.8 million worth of vodka, if he so desired.

Even the man who came third will take home more money. Dennis Phillips cashed in third for $4.5 million, with 35% going in federal taxes to the US, leaving him with around $2.9 million.

Eastgate had moved from Denmark to London in a bid to pick up the English tax benefits, although it is being claimed he will struggle to have that move succeed in light of his win in Las Vegas.

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