Daniel Phillips wins Dusk Til Dawn Deepstack for £26,764

Daniel Phillips wins Dusk Til Dawn Deepstack for £26,764

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Dusk Til Dawn Deepstack concluded last night in Nottingham with one man, Daniel Phillips, left standing after manouevering his way through a field of 286 that created a total prize pool of £86,400; smashing the £60,000 guarantee.

Daniel Phillips is no flash in the pan on the home tournament circuit, having taken down the APAT English Amateur Poker Championship for £4,500 in 2006.

However, the five figures he has received for winning the Dusk Til Dawn Deepstack dumps on that prize from great height.

Fifth place finisher, Andriena Nutt, also deserves some kudos for making her third Dusk Til Dawn Deepstack final table this year.

The final table payouts were as follows:

1 Daniel Phillips - £26,764

2 Sukhbir Jolly - £15,647

3 Nigel Ventre - £9,388

4 Stephen Okeeffe - £6,588

5 Andriena Nutt - £4,941

6 Stephan Nash - £3,706

7 Ricky Woolley - £2,882

8 Martin Malone - £2,059

9 Alan Goodrum - £1,647

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