Daniel Negreanu wins over $300,000 online

Daniel Negreanu wins over $300,000 online

Friday, 30 July 2010

Daniel Negreanu is still on his quest to prove he is a winner at the $100/$200 stakes on PokerStars despite playing against the likes of Cole “CTS” South, nutsinho and and Justin Smith. He has reached the 10,000 hand milestone as a six-figure winner, boosted by an excellent series of sessions in the last week that saw him earn over $330,000.

On Tuesday night, KidPoker came out a winner in two $100,000 plus pots – one calling a pure bluff with top two pair for $100,200 and another getting three streets of value with KK on a double-paired board against Will Molson’s ace high.

Negreanu, who is second in the all-time tournament earnings and is renowned as one of the best poker players alive, has admitted that his NL game has fallen short since the online poker boom and is struggling to keep up. He is determined to emerge a winner at the $100/$200 stakes after 50,000 hands.

“Most of the people who critique my play mostly say that you need to have at least a 50,000 hand sample size before being able to assert any meaning to it,” he wrote on his blog. “So my goal is to get to 50,000 hands played by December 31st, 2010 and hopefully show some sort of profit.”

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