Daniel Negreanu wins BCPC for $370,000

Daniel Negreanu wins BCPC for $370,000

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Canadian-born Daniel Negreanu, perhaps one of the best-known and most well-respected poker professionals in the world, was so full of patriotic pride that as well as playing in the British Colombia Poker Championship, he offered to commentate the final table should he not make it. However, he found himself unable to do so owing to the fact that he was sitting at the table of six with a huge stack of chips.

In the first hand he ran into pocket tens, however he was fortunately holding KK and eliminated his first player and increased his stack. Eventually reaching the heads-up stage with an exactly equal amount of chips to his opponent ($5,000,000 apiece with blinds at $50k/$100k), Negreanu ended up winning with his favourite hand – T7s. In the great man’s own words:

“I min-raised to 200k with 10h 7h and he called. The flop came 8s 7s 3h. He checked and I bet 200k- he called. The turn was a Qd and he checked again. I felt like he was drawing so I bet 400k. He went all i for 1.6 million more. I didn't think he would play Q-3 based on the heads up action thus far so I ruled that out. If he had a Queen high flush draw, I think he would have gambled with his hand on the flop. If he had the 8, a check-raise had to be his move. I finally felt like it was a move with a hand like J-9 or something like that. I called and he showed: 9-7! I had him out kicked and it held up for the win.”

Someone else was very happy about this win – poker aficionado and High Stakes Poker commentator Gabe Kaplan. He and Negreanu had a last-longer bet and due to Negreanu making the money and the final table, Kaplan found himself stuck to the tune of $37,500. However, if either player won then all bets were off and the winner paid $2,500 – Kaplan went from $37,500 to $2,500 up, but I’m sure Negreanu isn’t too jealous after winning nearly 150 times that.

Daniel NegreanuDaniel Negreanu

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