Daniel Negreanu: thoughts on Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown

Daniel Negreanu: thoughts on Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

After becoming the only person to lose the full $150,000 bankroll to Isildur1 in the SuperStar Showdown on Sunday, you could forgive Daniel Negreanu for feeling a little bummed out about his NL game. However, Kid Poker is still chipper and has confirmed a re-match with Viktor Blom at the same time for the same stakes on this coming Sunday.

“Truth is, Isildur1 played very differently against me than what I expected,” Negreanu said. “I wanted to go into the match fresh, without really listening to anyone else's view of how he played, but I obviously had heard things about his reputation. I wish I hadn't, because it did affect my decisions in certain situations.

“The reason he won, aside from the lucky all ins/coolers, was that he figured me out pretty quickly and developed a counter strategy that left him protected for the most part. By the time I was prepared to make some adjustments, the match was already essentially over.”

Negreanu revealed that he has lost over $330,000 since starting to multi-table $50/$100 NL heads-up on PokerStars which he admits “would be discouraging, except for the fact that... I rate to be losing only $138,000 [adjusted for all-in EV]”. He also stated that “when you’re playing the best young players in the world for ‘practise’ you don’t expect it to be easy.”

Since losing the $150,000 to Isildur1 on Sunday Negreanu has won back almost $100,000 within 24 hours in a couple more heads-up games. He is skipping the $5,000 Wynn Poker Classic in Vegas to practise heads-up NL.

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