Daniel Negreanu’s intimate Tweeting causes a stir

Daniel Negreanu’s intimate Tweeting causes a stir

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Are we really going to be writing about this? OK, it’s happening. Right – a Tweet from Kid Poker has sparked debate on the Two Plus Two forums about lasers, razors and Amanda Leatherman. What could the subject have been? That’s right – Daniel Negreanu’s genitals.

@RealKidPoker, Negreanu’s Twitter account, brought forth the following Tweet into the world: “Hair Maintenance Day: chest lasered, hair cut, eyebrows waxed, junk shaved. All prettied up for Sydney! So excited to go in two days.”

Now, in our professional opinions there is far more cause for alarm than the, a-hem, “junk shaving” aspect of that Tweet. Who on earth gets their chest lasered or eyebrows waxed? At least he’s “all prettied up” though; we have to wonder where on earth the rumours about his sexuality come from?

On the flipside, many poker fans believe that Negreanu is actually involved with PokerStars Big Game hostess and poker celebrity Amanda Leatherman, who we’re sure will appreciate his, er... efforts.

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