Daniel Negreanu's New World

Daniel Negreanu's New World

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Daniel Negreanu has been instrumental in bringing about a number of positive changes in the poker world and in the last few days he's been on the revolution trail once again, this time in a post on 2+2.

Writing in a thread entitled: "My Vision for the Poker World", Daniel began by reintroducing himself to the 2+2 community after a prolonged absence by saying it's time to let "bygones be bygones".

The main thrust of Daniel's discussion emanated from Joe Hachem's recent comments that poker is dying and that professional players need to make things more accommodating for recreational grinders.

Essentially Daniel feels as though it will take a "collective effort" on the part of the poker community in order to help the game thrive, but on a personal level he believes pro players should engage in a symbiotic relationship with their goals and the "greater good".

Moreover, he envisions a world where:
"The game is fun first and a competitive endeavour second. A world where players think about what's best for everyone first, understanding that in the end they will benefit from that as well.

To coin an old English saying, Daniel is basically suggesting that what's good for the goose is good for the gander in terms of making amateurs feel welcome at the felt.

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