Daniel Negreanu runner-up in SCOOP NL Draw High event

Daniel Negreanu runner-up in SCOOP NL Draw High event

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Daniel Negreanu managed to make it to the final table of SCOOP Event #6-H after busting the medium and low equivalent, despite playing the wrong game initially. He tweeted that he was playing the “2-7 single draw” event before realising he was actually playing 5-card draw high.

However, once he started realising that holding 75432 was not the nuts, he began to build up chips and made it to the final table alongside fellow PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier.

After a 90-minute heads-up battle following the elimination of ElkY in third, Negreanu finally got all his chips in and drew three against Maestro Shao’s two. In the end, Negreanu could only muster J9973 versus AT555 to settle for second.

The final table payouts were as follows:
1st: Maestro Shao ($22,890)
2nd: KidPoker ($15,330)
3rd: ElkY ($11,760)
4th: Gagarin007 ($7,980)
5th: Metalguru84 ($5,880)
6th: Iftarii ($4,410)

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