Daniel Negreanu releases new “weekly rant” vlog

Daniel Negreanu releases new “weekly rant” vlog

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Daniel Negreanu has continued with his series of fast-becoming-infamous weekly vlogs, which he has dubbed “weekly rants”. He continues his attack on Howard Lederer and Full Tilt Poker, while showing off his video editing skills and complimenting the Commerce.

Fresh from the LA Poker Classic, Negreanu praises the organisation of the event and treatment of players before moving on to more familiar subjects by quoting extensively from Bill Rini’s latest blog, “What Full Tilt Should Have Said.”

Rini and Negreanu damn the Full Tilt silence, saying: “Despite their declarations of being kept from talking by their lawyers, the company and indicted individuals felt no legal restraints when Phil Ivey sued Full Tilt. They issued a scathing rebuttal.

“They even alluded to potential buy-out deals that Ivey’s lawsuit put in jeopardy. Nor did they feel constrained by their lawyers when the DOJ characterized Full Tilt’s business as a Ponzi scheme. They immediately fired off a statement expressing their disappointment with the comparison.”

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