Daniel Negreanu puts in some SuperStar Showdown practice

Daniel Negreanu puts in some SuperStar Showdown practice

Friday, 18 March 2011

We didn’t need proof that Daniel Negreanu plays poker not for money but for the love of the game and simply to be one of the best, but if we did then this would be it. You all know that he’s taking on Viktor “Isildur1” Blom over 2,500 hands of $50/$100 heads-up NL this Sunday (and, touch wood, doing it again the Sunday after).

However, even if he busts Isildur1 he’ll still be down over $350,000 on the challenge. Despite posting good results at $5/$10 heads-up even 4-tabling players like Randy “nanonoko” Lew and Justin Bonomo, since making his SuperStar Showdown official he has stepped it up a gear.

In the past week Negreanu has battled with Isaac Haxton, Sauce123 and other high stakes heads-up specialists over 4 tables of $50/$100 NL and has lost over $500,000 to various players throughout 2011. Most of his losses were to Sauce123 and altiFC.

On his latest blog, Negreanu revealed his strategy for playing Isildur1, breaking it down into pre-flop, flop and turn decisions but saying that the river is a secret and would be variable. Those who are surprised that he revealed his strategy for the world to see 72 hours before the match, he says, shouldn’t be, “because it will be obvious within 100 hands or so anyway”.

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