Daniel Negreanu Supports PETA

Daniel Negreanu Supports PETA

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Professional poker player Daniel Negreanu is part of a new campaign launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Having been a vegan since 2000 mainly due to health reasons, Negreanu has become entrenched in the lifestyle and now believes it has benefits far beyond physical wellbeing.

In fact, such is his belief in the vegan lifestyle that he's become something of an advocate in recent years and has often given the poker community a glimpse into the nutritionally balanced meals he eats during major events.

Owing to this support of vegan living, Negreanu has been chosen by PETA to be the face of its Go Vegan! campaign. Appearing on a poster that reads: 'Vegan? You Bet', Negreanu is now an official figure for the organisation that wants people to adopt a vegan diet in order to 'eat better, feel better and stop supporting cruelty to animals'.

"My diet’s now as good as it’s ever been and although my veganism started out absolutely about health it’s also become about the environment and animal cruelty," said Negreanu.

"The way animals are treated and the conditions are atrocious. They’re force fed steroids, the chickens are de-beaked. You end up eating sick, diseased chickens because they’re living in sh*t. It’s like a holocaust on animals."

Attached to each poster is a pledge for people to sign that says they will adopt a vegan approach to their diet for the sake of themselves and others.

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