Daniel Negreanu Looking for WSOP Bets and Investors

Daniel Negreanu Looking for WSOP Bets and Investors

Thursday, 15 May 2014

We all know Phil Ivey has a penchant for WSOP bracelet bets and this year it seems he's recruited his good friend Daniel Negreanu to generate some action.

The latest side wager was proposed by Daniel in a recent tweet during which he offered even money odds against neither him nor Mr. Ivey winning a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas this year.

As soon as the tweet went live it caught the attention of the poker community who were immediately interested in the stakes the duo would accept.

After some debate, Daniel outlined that the minimum wager for anyone wanting to bet against them winning a WSOP title is $5,000 while the maximum they are prepared to risk is $1 million.

Not long after proposing his latest bracelet bet, Daniel also told his followers that he is looking to sell 50% of his action for this year's $1 million One Drop.

Keen to play but unable to fund the venture himself without putting too much of a dent in his bankroll, Daniel is now asking potential investors to contact his assistant (pattylandis@hotmail.com) to purchase pieces of his action.

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