Daniel Finds a Date

Daniel Finds a Date

Friday, 11 January 2013

Daniel Negreanu’s appearance on the Millionaire Matchmaker aired last night in the US and by all accounts he came off pretty well.

While it’s proving difficult to find a recording of the show for those living outside of the US, the man himself has posted a link to the selection of girls he had to choose from during the show.

The dates on offer are a mixed bag to say the least in the looks department, but with a chance to see their personality Daniel appeared to make a connection with quite a few of the ladies.

According to a review by Examiner.com, “Daniel seems like the type of guy that will treat a girl right. He was polite, yet upfront and honest.”

In typical Negreanu fashion he did his best to make the girls laugh and when it came time to choose a match he picked Lindsey.

They then took a private jet to Vegas where Daniel no doubt showed her how poker ballas roll.

It’s not known whether or not Daniel is still seeing Lindsey, but according to the article: “They really seemed to connect and have found their soul mate.”

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