Daniel Colman Calls out Durrrr

Daniel Colman Calls out Durrrr

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Last week we brought you details of an interview in which Daniel Cates was, let's say, less than complimentary about Tom Dwan.

Jungleman was especially disappointed about the lack of progress in the Durrrr Challenge. Four years and 20,000 hands after it began, the match still isn't finished and Dwan is now seemingly refusing to play any more after falling $1.5 million behind Cates. There's plenty of cash in side bets on the line too.

The argument has piqued the interest of many in the community and prompted a thread on 2+2 entitled “Is It Time to Call Tom Dwan a Scammer?” There were plenty of opinions on view, including from the some very notable names.

One of the first people to enter the fray was Big One For One Drop winner Daniel Colman.

Under his “mrgr33n13” screen name, Colman didn't mince his words, writing “I would for sure say he is scamming Jungleman, so yea he’s a scammer” later adding, “It's not even up for debate as to whether durrr is a dirtbag w a gambling problem.”

Cates himself also joined the debate. When asked by a poster why he “always say(s) things that imply you'll say more later”, Jungleman replied “I just am trying to be diplomatic to tom by not sharing a bunch of stuff he doesnt want me to, however he makes it difficult since his default response is being as difficult as possible”.

There's been no response yet from Dwan.

This one looks likes it's going to run and run.

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