Dan O'Brien's Ultimate Fail

Dan O'Brien's Ultimate Fail

Friday, 23 May 2014

Ultimate Poker pro Dan O'Brien almost put his WSOP dreams in jeopardy recently after an attempted dive went seriously wrong.

In a bid to relax before the start of the Series, O'Brien was enjoying some fun and frolics with some friends when he spotted an opportunity to impress them with an Olympic style dive.

Standing on a jetty limbering up like a pro, O'Brien eventually composed himself before launching towards the water. However, instead of producing a graceful splash, O'Brien ploughed headfirst into an oncoming jet ski driven by fellow poker pro, Allen Bari.

A series of gasps from onlookers rang out as O'Brien slumped into the water before being hoisted up by Bari.

Fortunately, a few seconds later he was ok and after taking some time to collect his thoughts he uploaded a video of the incident to his Instagram page.

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