Dan Colman Slams Hellmuth

Dan Colman Slams Hellmuth

Friday, 14 November 2014

The poker world's media silent assassin, Daniel Colman, recently broke his silence after reading about Phil Hellmuth's latest interview.

After appearing on Brian "the writer of Rounders" Koppelman's podcast, Hellmuth caused enough of a stir to prompt a forum thread about the chat. After making a number of outlandish claims, such as "small ball" was his invention and Internet poker math can be learned in a few hours, a thread recapping the highlights was posted on 2+2.

As ever, the post about Hellmuth attracted a slew of comments; however, it was Daniel "mrgr33n13" Colman's response that really set tongues wagging.

The MTT star if 2014 and third biggest money winner of all-time used his post to lambast Hellmuth and make it clear that he despises his "pathetic" antics:

"It's embarrassing that we have to share our profession with whores like this guy. After I win one drop, he immediately comes on stage to shake my hand in front of a camera and congratulate me. As if he’s the gatekeeper to the poker world and welcoming me inside.

It is truly pathetic that a 40 year old would behave the way he does at the table, not to mention how spineless he is, just willing to take any sponsorship regardless of the company’s integrity. Hey, anything for a payday! Really makes me sad to think there’s a chance some people may look up to this charlatan. People of his attitude and character are a cancer to this world."

The response drew a lot of support from Hellmuth haters, but Greg Merson was there to offer an opposing view. Having spent a lot of time with Hellmuth over the last few years, Merson offered the following assessment:

"He is much more humble then he comes off in interviews or on camera. He also understands that his ego is an issue and has worked on becoming even more humble. Being an ultra competitive person who holds all the records in the longest standing tournament series in the world and having the connections that he has will make that task more difficult for sure."

Hellmuth also learned of the post late last night and tweeted that he was "hurt" but "proud" of the man he is."

"@phil_hellmuth - Ouch, I was just attacked big time on a terrific poker forum: TwoPlusTwo. It was personal and it hurts, but I am proud of the man I am!"

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