Dan Colman Breaks Down Poker and Life

Dan Colman Breaks Down Poker and Life

Thursday, 3 July 2014

After beating Daniel Negreanu heads-up to claim this year's Big One for One Drop title, Daniel Colman caused a media storm after refusing to talk to, well, anyone.

Despite capturing one of the game's biggest titles and $15 million, the American made a hasty exit from the Rio claiming that he's not particularly interested in promoting the game.

Following his media blackout a number of industry insiders were calling for an explanation and while he was at pains to give a response, the One Drop champion eventually posted his thoughts on 2+2 last night.

Kicking off with the sentiment that he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, he then goes on to say that he doesn't "owe poker a single thing".

While he acknowledges that he's been fortunate enough to benefit from poker, he goes on to explain that he feels poker has a "net negative effect" on people and it shouldn't be advertised.

Lumping the game in with alcohol and cigarettes, Colman feels that consumers are targeted for their weaknesses and impulses when it comes to potentially destructive pursuits.

In his opinion consumerism should be based on informed customers making "rational transactions" and that's not the case when it comes to poker as a lot of people are losing a lot of money which they can't afford to lose.

Away from the game itself, Colman believes the "individual achievements should rarely be celebrated" because it serves to distract people from the status quo which allows societal power sources they maintain their dominance and thrive.

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