Dan Bilzerian and a Giraffe

Dan Bilzerian and a Giraffe

Friday, 10 April 2015

Ever wanted to play poker against Dan Bilzerian, Steve Aoki and a giraffe? Well, thanks to Dan Fleyshman, you've now got a chance to do just that.

According to the entrepreneur and poker player, Aoki asked him if he could arrange a charity poker tournament and spread the word. Knowing that one of the best ways to utilise social media and to involve the poker community is to enlist the help of Mr. Bilzerian, Fleyshman asked the millionaire playboy if they could host the event at his luxury pad.

Instantly enthusiastic about the idea, the charity poker tournament quickly turned into a VIP party complete with giraffes, fire breathers, mermaids and, of course, celebrities. On top of the poker and revelry, Aoki will be performing one of his legendary DJ sets and there will be a host of "surprise guest performances" throughout the night.

As well as inviting the elite of the poker community to ante-up in Bilzerian's Hollywood mansion, the trio are giving away five all-expenses paid tickets to the event. To enter the competition and win tickets to the party, airfare, a one-night stay in a hotel and transfers, all people have to do is click a simple link and fill in their details to enter the prize draw.

Anyone who does this before the 05:00pm (US/Pacific) deadline on April 15 will be I the running for one of the five packages. Unfortunately for players in Europe, the prize draw is only open to people living in the US, but thanks to the social media prowess of Bilzerian it's likely there will be some extremely interesting videos and photos to come out of the event when things go down on April 18.

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