Dan Bilzerian Talks to Howard Stern

Dan Bilzerian Talks to Howard Stern

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Poker got more mainstream exposure earlier this week after this month's Bluff Europe cover star, Dan Bilzerian, spoke to uber-popular radio host and presenter, Howard Stern.

Although some will question Dan's actual poker prowess, there's no denying that he plays for high stakes with his wealthy friends and during the show he explained that during the last 12 months he's won $50 million at the table.

Quite whether this is bravado from Dan or a fact seems to be of little relevance anymore as he's now a cult figure across the world.

With some help from his Instagram account he's been able to build up a huge following which is now being exposed to the trappings a successful poker career can bring.

Aside from talking about how much he's won, Dan does do a good job of explaining that poker is a skill game and something that requires dedication and practise.

Moreover, he goes on to detail how bankroll management is an important aspect of the game.

After talking to Mr. Stern it's fair to say that poker received another shot in the arm when it comes to the game's public image. With more players now receiving time in the limelight on big US shows it can only help poker's growth in North America and beyond.

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