Damon and Norton Reunited for Rounders 2

Damon and Norton Reunited for Rounders 2

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rounders 2 could go into production as early as 2014 according to a spate of recent reports. A follow-up to the cult film has been talked about for a number of years and the original writers (Levien and Koppelman) have even put together a rough script, but due to various issues the dream has failed to become a reality.

However, all that now looks set to change thanks to a new partnership between the Colony Group and the Weinstein Company.

Although the Colony Group has owned the rights to Miramax’s stable of ideas since 2010 they have struggled to find the creative means to bring them to life. However, after agreeing a new deal with the Weinstein brothers it now seems that a slew of popular movie sequels are to be made, including follow ups to Shakespeare in Love and the cult hit Rounders.

Commenting on the basic premise and timeline for Rounders 2, Harvey Weinstein said the production is likely to be “instantaneous” and that the game will “start in Paris“. He also hinted the Matt Damon will return along with Ed Norton and he expects John Malkovich’s character to be replaced with a “new super villain” which may be played by Robert De Niro.

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