Czechs Say Raise Poker's Profile!

Czechs Say Raise Poker's Profile!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Czech newspaper ‘The Prague Post’ has reported that members of the national association of poker clubs are pushing the Czech Finance Ministy to recognise poker as a sport.

The game has boomed in the Czech Republic in the last two years, with 60,000 Czechs play poker, with roughly 1,000 organised into 19 official clubs across the country. The bid by the Czech Association of Poker Clubs to have the game recognised as an official sport is a serious one too, having enlisted the legal men from Ernst & Young to aid in their campaign.

Poker fans believe officially reclassifying the game as a sport will help tidy the image of the game in the country, with some alleging that many casino are mafia-run, targeting foreign tourists. It also echoes a debate made just this week in the UK, where Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott helped argue the point for poker to be classified as a sport back in Blighty. Perhaps the government will still provide me with a bankroll after all. Fingers crossed!

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