Cristos Crowned WPT Champion

Cristos Crowned WPT Champion

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Yesterday's WPT Legends of Poker final table might have started out slowly but by the time John Gordon was forced through the elimination barrier things were brought to a conclusion pretty swiftly.

Indeed, after taking 62 hands to cut the field from six down to five the blinds soon imposed their will on the table and by the time hand 76 rolled around it was the turn of Phil Laak to face elimination. Needing a double up, Phil moved all-in with As 8c and instantly found himself in trouble when Jordan Cristos called with pocket queens.

An unhelpful 7h 6s 4d Qc 3c failed to revive Phil's chances of another WPT title and as he went off to collect his consolation prize the action was already conspiring to oust another player.

Just six hands after the demise of Laak it was the turn of Alexandru Masek before Ryan Goindoo was dealt a similar fate by Dan Heimiller. Having taken out Goindoo with Ac 8s Heimiller held a healthy lead heads-up but as the action developed it was Cristos who proved the fittest.

In a triumph of youth over experience, Cristos reversed the chip table dynamics before calling his opponent's desperate all-in with Kh 4h. Holding Ah 9h it didn't take long for Cristos to seal the match as the board ran out: Td 9c 7c Qs 6s, giving him an unbeatable hand and his first WPT title while Heimiller was forced to settle for second place and $356,115.

WPT Legends of Poker Final Result:
1: Jordan Cristos - $613,355
2: Dan Heimiller - $356,115
3: Ryan Goindoo - $233,360
4: Alexandru Masek - $156,790
5: Phil Laak - $109,385
6: John Gordon - $85,080

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