Cristiano Shows Off Poker Skills

Cristiano Shows Off Poker Skills

Monday, 4 May 2015

A showdown between former Brazilian footballer and now PokerStars pro Ronaldo could be on the cards if a recent image of his Portuguese namesake playing poker is anything to go by.

Following another impressive hat-trick for Real Madrid at the weekend, Cristiano decided to celebrate with a game of poker.

It's long been known that professional footballers enjoy games of poker when they're not training or playing, but Ronaldo has never been one to show off his love for the game. However, following his side's 3-2 win against Sevilla, during which he scored his 29th career hat-trick, the brash forward decided to post a picture of himself after making a full house with pocket sevens.

With the board reading 6s 5c 5h 7s 4c, Ronaldo smiled while the Instagram caption revealed he was holding a pair of sevens in his hand. The image of Ronaldo grinding not only piqued the interest of the poker community because of his status as a football star, but because he was using a set of PokerStars chips and cards.

Nice time to have my favourite hand. 7? 7 ? ?#?fullhouse? ?#?CR7? ?#?poker?

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

The set is available through PokerStars' VIP store for 10,000 FPPs, which could suggest that the Portuguese player has an online account with the site. Although he didn't reveal any other details, it could be the case that the footballer is angling for a deal with PokerStars and, therefore, a showdown with the other Ronaldo.

With PokerStars currently trying to branch out into other markets, an on-the-felt rivalry between two of the biggest names in football would certainly generate a lot of interest; however, which Ronaldo would have the upper-hand is unclear.

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