Cristiano Ronaldo at the Full Tilt Tables?

Cristiano Ronaldo at the Full Tilt Tables?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There are plenty of links between the football and poker worlds, just look at the success that Tony Cascarino has enjoyed and the long list of footballers now playing in high profile tournaments. If the online rumours are to believed it looks like another top player has made the move from grass to felt, none other than Cristiano Ronaldo .

Someone playing with the screen name CR7sete, believed to be the Real Madrid winger, has been getting in some action with Patrik Antonius and Jungleman12 at the Full Tilt Poker tables. Earlier this week Jungleman12 tweeted “playing on full tilt vs Cristiano Ronaldo” and followed it up yesterday with “last night won 320 from patrik + a lot on other sites, ran pretty hot... didn't do so well vs @cristiano though lol”.

CR7sete later moved the from PLO 200 game to the $25/$50 heads up NLHE tables with Patrik Antonius. Railbirds were wondering why the Finn was slumming it at such low levels to which he replied. “Didnt move down in levels…we are friends.”

CR7sete showed a small profit after his session with Antonius before signing off with this chat:

Patrik Antonius: wp champ
CR7sete: Thanks…
Patrik Antonius: footbol and poker good
Patrik Antonius: tennis is so so…
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: I go the car now…
CR7sete: Good game…play tomorow
CR7sete: o text my mobile….
Patrik Antonius: ok
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: adeus

Ronaldo wouldn't be the first former Manchester United player to make a serious move to the poker felt. Teddy Sheringham has had some great tournament success and is a regular on the London cash game circuit and Juan Sebastien Veron is an ambassador for PokerStars.

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