Crazy Ivey vs. Hansen prop bets worth millions

Crazy Ivey vs. Hansen prop bets worth millions

Monday, 23 November 2009

Gus Hansen’s foreign ramblings in Danish online newspaper Ekstra Bladet usually pass under the radar – not many people speak Danish. In his most recent blog there he discussed high stakes prop bets, noting that he won over $400,000 on side bets in the last WSOP.

However, the bit that got everyone’s attention was the discussion of bets between himself, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey. According to Hansen: “If Phil Ivey eats meat within the next year then he has to pay Tom “durrrr” Dwan $1,000,000.”

Details are thin on the ground – what does Ivey get if he wins? Is he so balla that he’ll succumb one day and just buy a million dollar steak (we would)? Gus claims this bet was made on GSN’s High Stakes Poker, so hopefully more details will be aired.

Gus also revealed that he was offered $2,000,000 to abstain from any type of sexual contact over the next year but had to turn it down as it was not enough. It works out at over $5,000 a day, which, we at Bluff Europe would certainly not turn our noses up at. Afterall, we’re doing it for free anyway.

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