Conan's McCain Skit

Conan's McCain Skit

Friday, 6 September 2013

If you’ve been living anywhere other than under a rock in the past week, you will have heard about Senator John McCain being caught playing poker on his iPhone during a hearing on the current political situation in Syria.

McCain, who lost the presidential battle in 2008 to Barack Obama, is one of the most outspoken supporters for intervention in Syria. However, if you thought that this would be good enough motivation for him to pay attention in the hearing, then you’d be wrong. Despite being staunchly against the relegalisation of online poker in the US, it would seem that McCain simply couldn’t resist the sweet siren call of a little bit of Texas Hold’em. What a degen.

If, like some of us, you’re feeling internally conflicted about this news – in the sense that you’re unsure whether it makes you want to laugh uncontrollably, or weep for humanity – then don’t worry, we’ve solved that issue for you with this glorious video.

Watch Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco sketch about the matter below:

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