The WSOP has arrived and so have I

The WSOP has arrived and so have I

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Combine the sweltering heat, the sticky keyboards and the constant trips to the water cooler, not to mention the consistent murmur of poker whatnot and the merry cash games in the boss’ absence, and you should get a rough picture of what the Bluff Europe office is like in the months of June and July.

Any other month and your guess is as good as mine. Last month for example, having just started with Bluff Europe as online editor, I was thrown into the deep end and asked to act as stand-in editor for the magazine whilst Mr Conneller (our editor) took a well earned break. You what? Editor? Me? I mean I thought I got the job here because I dabble a bit online! Anyhow with a little help from my new friends in the office, especially from Philip (despite him being unreachable by phone until he clambered out of bed at 3pm everyday - he was on holiday I suppose…lazy shit), I was able to keep my head above water and complete the task at hand. So… a rather hectic first month in the job but an enjoyable and insightful one nonetheless.

Enter June/July and, well, these are apparently two very unique months. With the WSOP underway, each year the Bluff Europe office turns off the air con during these months and creates an artificial environment supposedly simulating the parched feel of the Nevada desert. Furthermore, they increase their frolicking on the felt, dress up as their favourite poker professionals and generally just become more immersed in poker then ever before. The team here are so dedicated to poker and the ecosystem in which it thrives that sometimes, when they step out of the office, they are disappointed to only see the tame glow of the Billy Eliot production theatre and not the dazzling lights and towering backdrop of Vegas itself. Weird ey? I think I have clearly found my long awaited-for calling.

Anyway enough gibberish. What I really wanted to say is that now that the WSOP is underway we look forward to keeping all Bluff Europe readers up to date on the latest action, be it through our news pages or the Blogs section (where Alex ‘Pickleman’ Rousso will be reporting from Vegas).

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